Paracelsus' poison

A Cloudy Transit of Venus

Mobile phone image of the Transit taken with binocular projection in between clouds. Ian Musgrave

The iTelescope SSO webcam is going well with some dropouts,

The Universe Today webcam is going strong.

Can’t currently connect to the RiAus livestream or the livestream, and astronomers without borders website has disappeared.

Venus near mid -transit 2012. Ian Musgrave

UPDATE: The Sun is toying with me!

The transit seen from the Solar Dynamic Orbiter

UPDATE: the RiAus Adelaide livestream is overwhelmed, but the Perth one should come online soon.

UPDATE 9:57 am: My first (out of focus) mobile phone image

Venus about to leave the Sun, 2012. Ian Musgrave

SDO transit movie:

UPDATE June 8: Other Peoples Transit of Venus Images and Videos

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