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Former Indonesian foreign minister Marty Natalegawa says Australia’s turnbacks policy is “incompatible with good bilateral relations”. EPA/Jose Sena Goulao

Turnbacks remain an irritant in Australia-Indonesia relations: former foreign minister Natalegawa

Former Indonesian foreign minister Marty Natalegawa has called out the Abbott government over its attempt to shrug off any cost to the bilateral relationship caused by the unilateral manner of its boat turnbacks.
Australia’s ambassador to Indonesia Paul Grigson (right) returned to Indonesia this week. AAP/Aaron Bunch

Ambassador’s return to Indonesia shows his recall was futile

In returning Paul Grigson to Jakarta so swiftly, the Australian government proved that its choice to put its relationship with Indonesia at risk for short-term political opportunism was pointless.
Indonesians are sensitive about issues of respect for their nation and its sovereignty, as protests at Tony Abbott’s linking of aid with calls for clemency showed. EPA/Bagus Indahono

Bali Nine response must manage power shift in Indonesian relations

Indonesians have long felt that Australia lacks respect for their nation's sovereignty, but Indonesia's status as a rising power adds to the urgency of recalibrating our approach to the relationship.
Bali Nine member Scott Rush’s father alerted the AFP to his son’s plans in the hope they would stop him from travelling to Indonesia. AAP/Made Nagi

Bali Nine executions give ‘cause to pause’ policing co-operation

The AFP revised the guidelines on international co-operation since alerting Indonesia to the Bali Nine but there is arguably still an imbalance between security and human rights considerations.
The Australian-Indonesia relationship has become frosty and personal, which will test the diplomatic skills of Tony Abbott and Joko Widodo. AAP/Eka Nickmatulhuda

Bali Nine: poor political leadership creates lasting bilateral problems

The execution of Bali Nine pair Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan presents major problems for the Australian and Indonesian governments.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s call for Indonesia to ‘reciprocate’ revealed the ugly side of Australian aid: politics. AAP/Lukas Coch

What do Indonesia and Australia expect and get from aid?

Australian aid to Indonesia, both in the form of loans and grants, is not independent of its political and economic interests.
Protests in Australia over the potential execution of Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan will gain little traction in Indonesia. AAP/Mick Tsikas

‘Bali Two’ executions could set back Australia-Indonesia relations

It now seems almost inevitable that two Australians, drug smugglers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, will soon be executed in Indonesia. If this does happen, there will be public protests in Australia…
The challenges facing Indonesia’s new president Joko Widodo are clearly reflected in the choices in his first cabinet. EPA/Mast Irham

Indonesian president makes shaky start with cabinet of compromises

Indonesia’s new president Joko “Jokowi” Widodo faces three major challenges as he begins his five-year term. The compromise cabinet he has announced clearly reflects this. The first challenge is obvious…
As the new Indonesian president, Jokowi will need a hardworking and clean cabinet. EPA/Adi Weda

How will Indonesia’s president put together his new cabinet?

In his speech after being sworn into office, Indonesian President Joko Widodo yesterday called for Indonesians to “work, work and work”. Jokowi, as the president is popularly known, also has to work hard…
Tony Abbott arrives in Jakarta to attend the inauguration of Joko Widodo as Indonesia’s new president. AAP/Eka Nickmatulhuda

Q&A: Abbott’s hand of friendship to Indonesia’s new president

Australian prime minister Tony Abbott is joining in a big party in Indonesia. Indonesia’s new president and vice-president are being inaugurated today. Joko “Jokowi” Widodo and Jusuf “JK” Kalla are being…

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