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We’ve seen Australia from space. Now let’s see it in space. NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

To launch Australia into space, we need inspiration

India’s recent launch of a mission to Mars should cause us to contemplate Australia’s potential role, or lack of one, in such ventures. We presume India mounted this project at amazing speed to give China…
Australia needs to stop piggy-backing on other nations and get its own space agency. NASA

Ten reasons why Australia urgently needs a space agency

There is a hole in the Australian public administration where a space agency should be. That was the clear lesson from the Australian Space Research Program (ASRP) project delivered at the end of June…
Unless something is done about space junk, it might become too unsafe to have satellites in Low-Earth Orbit. ESA

You, me and debris: Australia should help clear ‘space junk’

At some point in the next few months, Australia will get its first ever national space policy. The release of the report, following consultation by experts in the space industry, will be a defining moment…
Just as the sun set (temporarily) on Woomera in 1980, the current era of Australia’s space endeavours is coming to close. Australian Science Media Centre

Security and space: Australia’s free ride is coming to an end

At some point in the next few months, Australia will get its first national space policy. This document will help mark a new era in Australia’s contribution to space-related endeavours, not least how we…

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