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Researchers say they have identified two different types of autism, paving the way for more targeted treatment. Flickr/Pondspider

Autism breakthrough could lead to new treatments

US researchers say they have identified at least two distinct types of autism, paving the way for new and more targeted treatments…

Seeing eye-to-eye is key to copying

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but how do our brains decide when and who we should copy? New research suggests…
Better understanding of sibling risk will lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment. Flickr/kmakice

One-in-five risk of sibling autism

A study published overnight in the journal Paediatrics shows the siblings of autistic children have a much higher risk of autism than previously thought. Nicole Rinehart, clinical psychologist and Associate…

Unusual gene variants linked to ADHD

New research has identified more genes related to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and shows an overlap between…
A DNA test can detect fragile X syndrome with 99% accuracy. AAP

ADHD, autism or something else entirely?

Most people are not aware of fragile X syndrome but they may well be affected by it or know someone who is. Commonly under-diagnosed or misdiagnosed the condition is often mistaken for Attention Deficit…

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