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If Michelle Bachelet is successful in the Chilean presidential elections, the country will join Argentina and Brazil as Latin American nations with female leaders. EPA/Felipe Trueba

The women smashing the political glass ceiling in Latin America

Michelle Bachelet, Chilean president between 2006 and 2010, is likely to return to that position at the second round of elections on December 15. Bachelet obtained almost 47% of the vote in the first round…
Progress may have been slow, but the signs are there that Colombian revolutionary guerilla group the FARC may be finally willing to negotiate with the government. EPA/Christian Escobar Mora

Colombia’s crunch time: is the war with the FARC coming to an end?

Last month marked the one year anniversary of peace talks between the Colombian government and the western hemisphere’s oldest and strongest insurgency – the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (the…
Peru is now the world’s leading producer of coca leaves, used in cocaine. Should this mark a new shift in the War on Drugs? Julyinireland

Supply and demand: the changing nature of the War on Drugs

The United Nations has recently announced that Peru has taken over Colombia as the largest producer of illegal coca leaves, the base for the drug cocaine. This comes as Brazil becomes the second biggest…

Bird biodiversity protects coffee yields

Coffee growers in Costa Rica have increased their coffee yields by leaving patches of surrounding rainforest untouched. Researchers…
Nicolas Maduro, a 50 year old former bus driver and successor to Hugo Chavez, has won the Venezuelan elections by an unexpectedly close margin. EPA/Boris Vergara

Venezuela election: Maduro claims close victory, but opposition to challenge

The results of the Venezuelan presidential election to replace the late Hugo Chávez are in and were much closer than previously expected. Socialist party leader and Chávez’s anointed heir, Nicolas Maduro…
Mourners accompany the remains of the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez through the streets of Caracas. EPA/David Fernandez

In death, Chavez is more alive than ever in Latin America

The recent death of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez from cancer comes as no great surprise. The former military leader had rarely been seen in the public eye since December last year when he travelled…
Hugo Chávez was public persona was crafted over years of domestic revolution and international rebellion. Boris Vergara/EPA

The many faces of Hugo Chávez, and the challenge ahead for Venezuela

In Hugo Chávez, Venezuela has lost the most iconic leader the country has seen since Simón Bolívar fought for independence from Spain. The rest of the world has lost one of the most polarising leaders…
Chilean president Sebastian Pinera’s recent Canberra visit underlines growing ties to Latin America. Now Australia must establish solid relationships with one of the world’s growing economic powerhouses. AAP

Australia finally ‘discovers’ Latin America; time now to forge relationships

Until now, we have paid little attention to Latin America. Our mainstream media hardly mentions the region or is full of misconceptions and stereotypes. But times are changing. Globalisation and technological…
Argentina, like many other Latin American economies, could learn much from Australia’s economic resilience. Luis Fdez

Argentina can learn from Australia’s economic success

In 2009, I launched a book titled Drifting Apart: The Diverging Development Paths of Argentina and Australia, which I co-authored with Fernando Tohmé from Universidad Nacional del Sur in Argentina. We…

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