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This election is a serious choice about the type of society we want to become. AAP

Creating space for the leadership Australia needs

In a recent lecture, Ross Garnaut argued that after decades of prosperity, Australians must now choose between two radically different approaches to our problems. The choice is between a “business as usual…
The sacking of Melbourne Demons Coach Mark Neeld has parallels to business management. AAP

What big business can learn from football

It’s often said the AFL has become a big business, increasingly embodying many of the rules of the marketplace. But people rarely look at it the other way - that is, how business is like the AFL. The sacking…
Having a sound corporate vision is a key driver of a company’s success, but a recent study suggests that most employees are ignorant of corporate strategy.

All talk, no action: why company strategy often falls on deaf ears

Corporate consultants often say that a company’s success depends not only on having a clear vision, but the ability to articulate it to all levels of staff. But how many employees know or understand the…
The sensible thing for Tony Abbott to do would be make himself as small a target as possible as the election draws near - but sooner or later he will need to put forward some detailed policies. AAP/Lukas Coch

Never mind the leadership, what about the Opposition?

When Tony Abbott became leader of the Liberal Party by just one vote in December 2009 he saved the Liberal Party and non-Labor cause nationally from annihilation. Kevin Rudd as prime minister was riding…
When former leaders take the public stage, nostalgia hits for voters. ABCTV

A return to Rudd and Turnbull won’t raise the level of debate

Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull’s appearances on Q&A last night were always going to make a splash. High-profile media appearances by Rudd and Turnbull inevitably prompt speculation among the media…
Being the boss isn’t so bad - if you’re in control. AAP

Leadership not so stressful: study

Being in charge might not be as stressful as is often assumed, reveals a new study from researchers at Harvard University…
Confronted with poor productivity growth and middling economic performance, it’s time for Australia’s managers to step up their game and skill up. Image from

Productivity growth provides a reality check for the lucky country

As Australian economists and thought leaders continue to ponder what will happen when the resources boom ends, declining productivity levels are causing alarm. According to the global survey by the Economist…
Thinking outside the box will help managers get the best out of their employees. swambo

Embracing the unknown is the key to tapping workplace talent

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Therefore, managers need a formal, cascading set of KPIs (key performance indicators), KPTs (key performance targets), and annual performance reviews to keep…
“Business as usual” isn’t an option for Prime Minister Julia Gillard if she wants to look like a leader. AAP

How Gillard should think the unthinkable and look like a leader

Now that the party’s votes are in, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has to make up ground with the voters. The polls are indicating the Labor Government is in deep trouble. Kevin Rudd was nothing if not analytical…
Can Kevin Rudd in 2012 be a different kind of leader to the Kevin Rudd of 2010? AAP

Sure we can change leaders, but can a leader change?

As a Monday showdown looms, one of the big questions being asked by members of the Labor caucus is whether Kevin Rudd in 2012 can be a different kind of the leader to the Kevin Rudd of 2010. Even as Rudd…
The leadership spill could lead to constitutional confusion if Rudd wins next week’s ballot. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

What happens if Kevin Rudd wins the leadership spill?

Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced this morning that she will hold a leadership ballot at 10am on Monday, to “settle once and for all” Labor’s escalating leadership crisis. Kevin Rudd has not formally…

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