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Muslim and Christian Lebanese join with other communities to rally against racism. The Lebanese in Australia story is the subject of a new SBS documentary series, Once Upon a Time in Punchbowl. Andrew Jakubowicz

Once Upon a Time in Punchbowl rescues Lebanese honour from shame

Mediterranean societies have been described as communities of honour and shame. The fundamental currency of their social order is respect. When the Lebanese civil war drove thousands of its citizens to…
Piecing together a crumbling cultural history. AP/Hussein Malla

Torched library an irreparable blow to Lebanese culture

On January 4, Tripoli’s historic Al Sa’eh Library, one of Lebanon’s largest, burnt down. Two-thirds of its 80,000 books and manuscripts were lost in a fire that consumed the building. This is no anomaly…
Martin E Dempsey warns the fallout of the Arab Spring will take a long time to clear. Glenn Fawcett

Recovery from the Arab Spring will take a generation or more

At a meeting at the Wall Street Journal this week, Martin E Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, noted that the United States’ ability to exercise influence in the Middle East had significantly…
Lebanon is bearing the brunt of the protracted refugee crisis that has emerged as a result of the Syrian civil war. EPA/Wael Hamzeh

Mutual misery: the Syrian refugee crisis, Lebanon and Australia

The recent sinking of a refugee boat bound for Australia off Java, which had 68 Lebanese on board, highlights the complexity, magnitude and reach of the Syrian civil war. The effect of the ongoing war…
Millions of people are being displaced across the region. Freedom House

Middle East map blurs as old order breaks down

It is about 100 years since the then-imperial powers of Britain and France first demarcated the boundaries between Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Mandate Palestine. Now, it looks like those borders are…
Lebanese army in Tripoli where violence is a way of life. Wikimedia Commons

Weary Lebanon licked by the flames engulfing Syria

The fighting that has engulfed the Lebanese city of Sidon over the past week, leaving at least 15 soldiers dead and more than 70 injured, has raised tension across the country. The clashes come on the…
Ben Zygier’s grave. Did the Melbourne betray a top secret Israeli intelligence operation? AAp/Julian Smith

Prisoner X: a new twist in the Ben Zygier story

The case of Ben Zygier, the Australian who died in a high-security Israeli prison, simply refuses to go away. On Tuesday we learned more from an ABC special on Foreign Correspondent. In a twist that would…

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