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The research funding system needs to be changed to make it more efficient says coalition member Andrew Robb. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

In Conversation with Andrew Robb: research must ‘back our strengths’

It’s hard to argue with the importance of research, particularly medical research. It leads to breakthroughs and can change people’s lives for the better. But there are some crucial questions about how…
Researchers have invested hundreds of hours to enhance their applications, only to miss out. Paperwork image from

A better way to award NHMRC’s medical research grants

Last Friday, the results for this year’s round of applications for National Health and Medical Research (NHMRC) grants were released. Because headlines focus on success and rankings, universities and medical…
Medical research funding received a green light today, but others in the research sector remain worried about cuts. Howzey/Flickr

Medical funding gets green light as research sector braces for cuts

Universities Australia has welcomed the announcement of A$652 million in National Health and Medical Research Council grants…
Researchers have welcomed Simon McKeon’s review into health and medical research. verticalpharmacy/Flickr

Medical research needs $30b funding boost: McKeon

The cost of healthcare is escalating at an unsustainable rate and an additional $2-3 billion a year for the next ten years…
Doctors are expected to be attuned to the latest developments in health care.

Man v mountain: how to overcome the evidence overload

Most doctors shudder at the sight of the growing mountain of unread medical journals gathering dust on their desks over months, if not years. They need not despair though, as there are less time-consuming…
Dementia has become Australia’s latest national health priority. John/Flickr

Alzheimer hypothesis stuck in intellectual cul-de-sac

The size and growing magnitude of the dementia epidemic has forced a welcome decision by health ministers to name the disorder as Australia’s latest national health priority area. Yet for researchers searching…
Benefits and risks have to be assessed when looking for medical uses of drugs. Harsh Vardhan

Human testing of illicit drugs – the highs and lows

Should governments make it easier to perform human research to discover medical uses of illicit drugs such as cannabis, ecstasy (MDMA) and LSD? Professor David Nutt of Imperial College London argued recently…
Ovarian cancer is a significant cause of illness and death in Australia. Flickr Lindsey G (modchik)

It’s time to adjust our cancer research priorities

Cancer has been a National Health Priority Area since 1996 because of the burden it places on the Australian community. Of course, cancer isn’t just a health and economic burden – it takes an enormous…
Around one in every 1,000 patients will recall sounds or senstations while under general anaesthetic. nanda uforians

Why some people ‘wake up’ during surgery

Awareness during general anaesthesia is very uncommon, but when it occurs it’s distressing for patients and their carers. Our understanding of this phenomenon has grown over the past decade but we’re still…
Cognitive training is one way to keep your brain healthy. Regenerative Neuroscience Group

Medical research needs new body to champion healthy ageing

Australian medical research is undergoing its most important and comprehensive review in more than ten years. Led by the 2011 Australian of Year, the McKeon Review couldn’t have happened soon enough because…
Hypnosis is a state of conscious awareness which most people experience many times each day. Beyonder

Explainer: how does hypnosis relieve pain?

Hypnosis in one form or another has been around for thousands of years, but until recently, evidence to support its biological and clinically powerful effects have been lacking. Today hypnosis is used…
Australian health policy and public health campaigns – and the research that underpins them – leading the world in achievements. Penny Clay/AAP

Health research: making the dollars count

This week’s release of the NSW Health and Medical Research Strategic Review identifies many opportunities to strengthen research and ensure the community extracts the maximum possible benefit from its…

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