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Farming makes a huge contribution to global greenhouse emissions, mainly through methane from livestock. Billy Hathorn/Wikimedia Commons

Meat the future: new book sets out the effects of the world’s diet

Meat uses a lot of resources - between three and ten times as much as plants for the same amount of protein. The rich world might be slowly losing its taste for meat, but the developing world isn't.
Oil drillers in North Dakota flares natural gas, but much of it – a potent greenhouse gas – escapes into the atmosphere. Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

Will Obama’s ‘fugitive methane’ plan reduce or increase our dependence on natural gas?

Like many Americans concerned with climate change and energy security, I reacted with high hopes to the President Obama’s proposal to reduce leaks of methane gas from oil and gas drilling. But on closer…

Natural gas leaks more than predicted

Natural gas wells in the USA have considerably higher levels of leakage — fugitive emissions — than officials predicted…

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