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Nicolás Maduro was elected President in 2013 after the death of Hugo Chavez. Nicolás Maduro was elected President in 2013 after the death of Hugo Chavez


Venezuela’s major crises will continue in 2017. These include ongoing economic instability, over-reliance on the price of oil, shortages of food and electricity and increasing inequality. At the core is…
US and Venezuela meet in Brazil Reuters photographer

The US-Venezuela-Cuba triangle

The Obama administration announced the intention to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba the same week that Congress approved sanctions against Venezuela for human rights violations. The timing was coincidental…
A harbinger of things to come? VP Joe BIden up close and personal with Brazil’s President Rousseff Ricardo Moraes/Reuters

Around the world in 2015: the big stories predicted

The New Year always provides an opportunity for both introspection and speculation. So it seems a good time to consider what the big stories are likely to be this year. Some of the five major stories I…
Hugo Chávez still looms over Venezuela. Rodrigo Abd/AP

Venezuelan unrest could be the beginning of the end for Chavismo

Venezuela has seen waves of protest against the government of Nicolas Maduro. At least 13 people are dead, a prominent opposition member, Leopoldo Lopez, is now in custody having surrendered and three…

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