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Having an advance care directive ensures your values and wishes are known, even beyond a time when you can no longer speak for yourself. from

Take control over the end of your life: what you need to know about advance care directives

At least one-third of patients receive non-beneficial treatments at the end of their life. Having a good advance care directive that you share with others helps them know and respect your wishes.
Palliative care aims to comfort rather than cure. from

Palliative care should be embraced, not feared

Palliative care should be a time of shared care; when the doctor continues treating their patient's disease while symptom control and preparation for death track alongside.
We all have the legal right to refuse health care. Warren Goldswain

It’s your choice: how to plan for a better death

Have you thought about how you would want to be treated if you cannot make your own decisions? You may be unconscious after car accident, you may be so ill you cannot communicate, or you may be dying and…
LCP care pathway debate should focus on better care for the dying. Flickr/ejorpin

‘Death pathway’ label does little to help the dying

The death of 83-year-old Jean Tulloch is to be officially investigated after her son’s claims that doctors attempted to speed up the end of her life by withdrawing food and fluids. Once again we see more…
Death and dying is often a taboo topic for people with disability, but shouldn’t be ignored. Image from

Living with disability – and planning a good death

Australians have a poor track record of talking about death and dying. A recent survey of Australians who’d just lost a loved one to a terminal illness found just 15% were told how their relative wanted…

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