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Hypertension may cause birth defects

High blood pressure in pregnancy may itself cause birth defects rather than a type of drug used to treat the condition in…
Social realities have a bigger impact on when women have babies than “medical facts”. ECohen

Are older women selfish for having babies?

It seems we have a new “barbecue stopper” about women and families, after comments last week by Perth obstetrician Barry Walters that it is selfish for older women to have babies. Defending himself from…
Women with polycystic ovary syndrome, which can make it hard to conceive, are more likely to have parents who suffer from heart disease and hypertension, a study has found. Flickr/Thomas van Ardenne

Study links PCOS to parental heart disease, stroke

Women diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), an endocrine disorder that can cause fertility problems, are more…
Higher maternal diet quality in the year before pregnancy was associated with lower risk for neural tube defects, the study found. Flickr/Aldo Risolvo

Eating well before pregnancy linked to lower birth defect risk

Women who stick to a healthy diet in the year before falling pregnant may be less likely to have a baby with birth defects…
Aside from folate, most pregnant women get all the nutrients they need from a balanced diet. Flickr/Future Street

Explainer: what to eat and avoid during pregnancy

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you’ll know what it’s like to be bombarded with mixed messages from well-meaning friends and family about what you should eat and avoid to protect your growing baby. It can…
Predicting which embryos are most likely to survive could reduce the risk of miscarriage or multiple pregnancy. Spike Walker/Wellcome Images. Image available under Creative Commons (attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives).

IVF breakthrough could predict fittest embryos

A new method of predicting the chances an embryo will survive has shown promise in tests on mice and could one day be used…
Pulse oximetry is usually done by clipping a small sensor onto a baby’s foot. Flickr/storyvillegirl

Life-saving test picks up baby heart defects

A quick, cheap and non-invasive test on newborn infants is effective in picking up heart defects missed by some prenatal…
Young men whose partners experienced abortion or miscarriage were twice as likely to have depression than men who reported their partner had never been pregnant. Flickr/Jason Pier in DC

Pregnancy loss linked to depression in young men

Young men whose partners have had an abortion or miscarriage are twice as likely to develop depression than those whose partners…
Women who do not go to sleep on their left side on their last night of pregnancy have a doubled risk of late stillbirth compared with women who sleep on their left side, new research shows. Flickr

Sleeping on left side may halve risk of stillbirth

Women who sleep on their left side on their final night of pregnancy could halve the risk of their baby being stillborn compared…

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