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Bridging policy and research requires relationships built on trust and respect over a long period of time. Flickr: Don Shearman

Build a bridge: tips to connect research and policy

In a more perfect world, the big policy challenges of our time would be informed by timely, relevant academic research. There would be a close and effective dialogue between academia and policy. Alas…
In a democracy, there is no ‘wrong time’ to talk about an issue. spunkinator/Flickr

There’s no place for politeness when you’re fighting a fire

Peter Phelps is no friend of mine. He’s Government Whip in the NSW Legislative Council, and he’s previously had some interesting things to say about science. He’s also a fun and feisty Twitter user, who’s…
A vote for the future? AAP/Lukas Coch

Election 2013 Essays: Australia for the long term

Election 2013 Essays: As the federal election campaign draws to a close, The Conversation asked eminent thinkers to reflect on the state of the nation and the challenges Australia – and whichever party…
Science should help inform policy aimed at tackling issues that extend beyond electoral cycles, peak bodies for researchers said today. NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory

Government department commits to science-based policy

Two peak bodies for science researchers today welcomed the release of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry’s…
EU politicians get to grips with the latest science. European Union, 2013

Using small business to turn science into EU growth

When we think of cutting-edge innovation, we tend to think of big corporations and their latest wheezes: Google Glass, Sony flat screens or Airbus’s newest plane. But small businesses play key roles in…
The public needs to be convinced its money is being spent wisely. TEDxBrainport

Scientists need to prove their research is worth it

Plato said true philosophers are “those who love to see the truth” – a desire to seek and expose fundamental knowledge. For most scientists, the search for truth, otherwise known as fundamental or basic…

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