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If she is unable to gain seats on the board, Gina Rinehart can still establish a control base by initiating a takeover of Fairfax and offering a premium to shareholders. AAP

Paying a premium could shore up Rinehart’s control of Fairfax

Fairfax Media Ltd’s constitution enables the board to allocate board places in addition to the existing directors up to the maximum number of directors allowed in the constitution - not more than 12 unless…
Fonterra is one of the world’s largest cooperative organisations. But will its changed capital structure still allow it to be a cooperative at heart? Onno B

Fonterra’s new frontier: will it still be a cooperative under its new share-trade scheme?

Yesterday, 10,500 New Zealand farmers voted to allow Fonterra, one of the world’s leading dairy cooperatives, to be exposed to outside investors for the first time. 66.45% of Fonterra members voted for…
Despite Cameron’s half-hearted efforts, democratisation of listed UK corporations is unlikely. AAP

‘Empowering’ shareholders won’t revolutionise corporate culture

Executive remuneration is out of control in the United Kingdom. The final report by the High Pay Commission concluded that “there is rarely a link between directors’ incentives and the way a company performs…
Two strikes - a term borrowed from baseball, now being applied to Australian executive pay. EPA/Arleen Ng

‘Two strikes’ law for shareholders, but will it curb executive pay?

Australia’s new “two strikes” law giving shareholders more power to curb excessive executive pay packets, promises to shake up some businesses. Homewares company GUD Holdings has already been hit with…

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