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Not sharing your password is one of the basic rules for online safety. Michael Reynolds/EPA

Obama’s not dead, but does Twitter need #better #security?

On July 4, a hacker took control of one of the Twitter accounts of US broadcaster and sent out several tweets announcing President Obama had been shot. Because it was a national holiday and…
Women should be allowed to have fun, without the media judging them. AAP/Jack Tran

The wilding of women: why the media should ease up on girls

Wilding, a word seldom used outside of sociology, describes compounded acts of immorality. Of teenagers, apparently, running amok. In packs usually, with rage and ribaldry in their eyes. I was thinking…
Google+ faces an uphill struggle to win hearts and minds. Google

10 reasons why Google+ will never be Facebook

Google is hoping that the saying “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again” will work out for them with Google+. Launched as a private beta version on Tuesday, Google+ is the search giant’s latest…
Your Facebook snaps now come with a hidden catch. rishibando

Facebook and facial recognition – you’ve been tagged

Around 2 million photographs are uploaded to Facebook each day. As of this week, every new image will be processed by automatic face recognition software, designed to identify the people in the photographs…
Rupert Murdoch’s News Limited will charge readers for access to certain online content on the Australian, the Daily Telegraph and the Herald Sun after October. AAP

News Ltd announces pay wall plan as newspapers struggle online

Media giant News Limited will charge for online access to its broadsheet paper The Australian after October and for certain…
Where we are says a lot about who we are. tulja/Flickr

Location, location: who’s watching you (and why)?

PRIVACY – Your location is arguably more personal than your genetic profile; even identical twins can’t be in the same place at the same time. In terms of value, it’s on a par with your medical records…
Facebook is a key tool for the modern revolutionary. AAP

Facebook is the new superpower

Facebook, with more than 500 million members, has now reached superpower status. If Facebook were a country, its supporters often say, its population would rank behind only China and India. But there is…
Do you trust Facebook as much as you would your best friend? Karen Bleier/AFP

Facebook and your privacy: friend or “unfriend”?

Unless you’ve been chained to a fax machine for the past seven years, you’ll have noticed that Facebook is immensely popular. Users numbered 641 million by February of this year. Making and maintaining…

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