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It seems that South Sudan is falling apart amidst political conflict, but what is actually behind the violence? EPA/Phillip Dill

Explainer: what is going on in South Sudan?

Over the past few weeks, crisis has gripped the world’s newest nation, South Sudan, after an internal political conflict spilled into violence which has left thousands dead. So far, there have been reports…
Peacekeeping in South Sudan means grappling with deep ethnic divisions. Ben Curtis/AP

Militarised politics is the norm in troubled South Sudan

Against a backdrop of continuing ethnic violence, delegations from South Sudan’s warring factions have arrived in Ethiopia to try to negotiate a settlement to the crisis that has riven Africa’s newest…
Two years ago South Sudanese were partying as the country split from Sudan. Tim Freccia / Enough Project

Little cause for celebration on South Sudan’s birthday

The second anniversary of South Sudan’s independence is overshadowed by the release of the annual State Failure Index by the Fund for Peace, which ranks the country as the world’s fourth most failed state…
It’s the dawning of a new day for South Sudan, but there is much to be done. EPA/Paul Banks/Unmis

Happy birthday, South Sudan – your struggle isn’t over yet

When I arrived in South Sudan in November 2005, the scars of war were everywhere. Intermittent power came from generators, there was no clean drinking water, schools were little more than benches under…

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