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The Prime Minister is selling the Schoolkids Bonus as extra help for families, but is it good policy? AAP Image/Penny Bradfield

Assessing the Schoolkids Bonus: Good policy or just a ‘cash splash’?

The 2012 federal budget has been described as “a big taxing, big spending budget” with a big focus on welfare. The first spending measure to be legislated and to come into effect is the new Schoolkids…
The corporate concentration of wealth has significant consequences on the political process in Australia and abroad. eyewashdesign: A. Golden

Welfare offers rich pickings for the wealthy

A few weeks ago, a Deakin University academic, Martin Hirst, made some interesting comments about the politics and economics of class warfare and redistribution. He correctly noted that the accusations…
The increased provisions for welfare spending are partially symbolic, but also lay the foundations for a more progressive tax and welfare system. AAP

Class warfare in the budget? That’s a bit rich

The Treasurer Wayne Swan has described the 2012 Budget yesterday as “a Labor budget to its bootstraps”, and commentators have variously seen it as “a big taxing, big spending budget, including a big increase…
Carers lose out in the current welfare system. Flickr/dominikgolenia

Tax Forum: Make the social security system fair

Almost 50 cents of every dollar spent by governments in Australia goes on social spending - either social security or health and community services. This week’s tax forum must reform the system, as the…
Children of separated parents have higher rates of emotional problems but it doesn’t mean these families are bad for kids.

Separation anxiety? Stop blaming one-parent families for all of society’s ills

The mental health and well-being of Australian children is deteriorating and this is caused by a breakdown of two parent families, according to a report released today by University of Sydney Law Professor…
It’s time to give people a hand up through welfare. Flickr/sidkid

How to get welfare to actually work

As a senior public servant I became increasingly frustrated that too many government initiatives, always well meant and often well implemented, simply ended up compounding the problem of passivity and…

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