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The Greens' leader Christine Milne speaking at the National Press Club, 4 September. AAP Image/Penny Bradfield

Christine Milne: Australia isn’t facing a gas supply crisis

Questioning the push to increase coal seam gas production, the Greens’ leader said she is yet to see evidence of local supply problems. OUR VERDICT: Milne is right for most of Australia – but not NSW.
Kevin Rudd rebukes Pastor Matt Prater on the issue of gay marriage. View the segment here.

Kevin Rudd: people are born gay

The prime minister was passionate in his support for gay marriage on Monday night, but he is right that people are “born gay”? OUR VERDICT: Based on current scientific evidence, he’s partly right.
What is the poverty rate, and are more people poor? AAP Image/Jenny Evans

ACOSS: poverty is on the rise in Australia

Cost of living has been a big issue this campaign but is poverty on the rise in Australia? OUR VERDICT: It all depends how you measure it.

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Truth, lies and politics

Fact-checking has been one innovation in this election that just might last.

Not that it’s been perfect or without controversy. Not that political parties have necessarily taken notice. And not that this election campaign has proved more honest and transparent than previous ones – it hasn’t.

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Are claims about private health costs exaggerated, or right on the money? Health care cost image from www.shutterstock.com


Could private health changes cost $1000 more a year?

Is South Australian MP Andrew Southcott right that some of his constituents face such a big price hike? OUR VERDICT: Dr Southcott is correct - but the couple he refers to are particularly unlucky.


Is Rudd to blame for delays at Brisbane Airport?

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is the cause of delays at the very airport at which he now wants a second runway to proceed… “Kevin Rudd ran a damaging campaign against a second runway in the late ‘90s and…

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