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Around 25-30% of obese people have no metabolic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, or significant risk factors. WitthayaP/Shutterstock

Clue to why some people are healthy and obese

Some obese people may be able to remain metabolically healthy despite their size because their bodies produce low levels…
A more effective treatment for preventing recurrence of breast cancer has emerged. pfala

Exemestane cuts breast cancer recurrence in younger women

A more effective therapy has emerged for preventing hormone-sensitive breast cancers returning in younger women. A global…
Premature ejaculation is a distressing condition that men usually suffer in silence. Flickr:leahbeequilts

Premature ejaculation: experts arrive at a definition

Experts in sexual medicine from around the world have, for the first time, defined lifelong and acquired premature ejaculation…
Scientists have discovered that the natural environment is a major reservoir of antibiotic resistant genes. Flickr: bizjournal

Study finds widespread antibiotic resistance in nature

Resistance to commonly used antibiotics are in the genes of bacteria everywhere, researchers at the University of Lyon in…
A new oral drug could help reduce the spread of measles. Destinys Agent/Flickr

Scientists hold hope for new measles drug

A new oral antiviral drug may be a future tool in the global fight against measles, according to a new international study…
Mothers with genetic mutations not harmful to females may be passing them onto their sons. Vincent van der Pas/Flickr (resized)

Mothers' genes may be why autism is more common in boys

Boys are more likely to be diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism, because girls need more extreme genetic…
It’s too early to adjust recommendations for paracetamol use during pregnancy, experts say. Image from

Paracetamol during pregnancy linked to ADHD risk

Children of women who take paracetamol during pregnancy may be at higher risk of developing attention-deficit hyperactivity…
A $15 million deal between Swisse Wellness Pty Ltd and La Trobe University has prompted Ken Harvey’s resignation. lucy was here/Flickr (resized)

Academics back professor over Swisse research collaboration

Friends of Science in Medicine, an association that lobbies for evidence-based medicine, has called on La Trobe University…
The promising new therapy could free children and parents from the fear of severe allergic reactions to peanuts. BeInspiredDesigns/Flickr. Image has been cropped.

Small doses therapy shows promise for peanut allergy

Giving children and adolescents with peanut allergies small doses of the peanut protein and increasing it over time to build…
Biomass smoke can scar and inflame the lungs. thinboyfatter/ Flickr

Bushfire smoke harms the lungs like cigarette smoke

Bushfire smoke can damage the lungs in a similar way to smoking-related emphysema, according to a study from the Woolcock…