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United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon – shown at UN headquarters with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop last year – is urging governments and businesses to bring “bold pledges” to a UN summit later this year. EPA/Jason Szenes

Australia trounced Kyoto climate target, new report reveals

After a week of mostly bad news on climate change, new figures reveal that Australia easily beat its first internationally-agreed…
Finding a tasty strawberry can be a bit of a lucky dip at times, but now the tasty gene’s identified it may be easier to consistently get satisfying strawberries. JD Hancock/Flickr

Genetics link found in search for sweet strawberries

If you’ve ever bitten into a strawberry and wondered why it doesn’t taste as sweet or as good as others in the punnet, you…
A new oral drug could help reduce the spread of measles. Destinys Agent/Flickr

Scientists hold hope for new measles drug

A new oral antiviral drug may be a future tool in the global fight against measles, according to a new international study…
Prime Minister Tony Abbott is prioritising getting the budget out of deficit over other promises. AAP/Alan Porritt

Finance Industry calls for retirement changes

Prime minister Tony Abbott has said pensioners will be better off because they will lose the carbon tax while keeping the…
Opposition leader Bill Shorten says the Labor Party must change itself to win back public support and the opportunity to govern. AAP/Tim Clarke

Party reform is vital to regain public support: Shorten

Opposition leader Bill Shorten will formally call on the Labor party to drop its rule making it compulsory for prospective…
Climbing the social ladder can be slippery in parts for teenagers. Sadie Hernandez/Flickr

Popular school students get bullied too

The stereotype that popular kids don’t get bullied has been busted by a new study that found becoming more popular at school…