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Futurity is an online research news website covering the latest discoveries by scientists at top universities in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

The site launched in 2009 under the mission to engage the public directly in scientific knowledge and discovery. The site covers scholarship in all fields—science, technology, health, environment, and society—offering a daily snapshot of cutting-edge research from around the world.

Futurity's news comes directly from the source—the universities and scientists making the discoveries. Futurity's readers are invited to dig deeper into topics by following links to published reports in peer-reviewed journals.

Futurity is supported by a collective of more than 60 universities, all of which place a premium on public engagement in science and research. Leading the effort are Stanford University, Duke University, the University of Leeds, and the University of Rochester, where Futurity is hosted and edited.

Futurity is proud to partner with The Conversation to engage the scientific community and the public in a dialogue on today’s most salient issues