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All our articles are written by academics and researchers with deep subject expertise. That means that - unlike some other resources online - you can rely on our articles being based on evidence and informed by genuine insight.

All articles are written for an educated 16 year old audience, making our articles suitable for later-secondary high school students. We even have a readability index built into our software to ensure articles reach this readability.

The Conversation’s charter of editorial independence ensures our articles are independent, and free from commercial or political influence.

All The Conversation articles are published under Creative Commons license, meaning anyone, anywhere in the world can use them for free.

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Pitch an idea

If you are a teacher and would like to see us cover a particular topic, you’re invited to pitch your idea:

  1. What’s your question or story idea in one sentence? (50 word limit)

  2. What are the key points you'd like to see covered? (100 word limit)

  3. Is this issue particularly relevant now, or looking ahead? Or are you suggesting this as a timeless 'explainer' of a commonly misunderstood issue?


Content mapped to the Victorian Curriculum

Teachers can access The Conversation content that is mapped to the Victorian Curriculum. Over 200 topics, including several thousand articles, are mapped.

Teachers are using The Conversation content as a classroom resource because our articles:

  • Provide timely, in-depth analysis of news and current affairs.
  • We explain, FactCheck and contextualise issues.
  • Are clear explanations of complex issues. For example, through our Explainers.
  • Provide examples of how to clearly structure an argument.