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Rebalancing towards Asia…with values. Dan Peled/AAP

‘And speaking of China…’ Obama’s hope for Asia

US President Barack Obama took to the stage at the University of Queensland in Brisbane on a day which had the soles of your shoes melting. We had been through a complicated but reasonable security process…
Before the Asian Century, it was Gough Whitlam that gave Australians the confidence to enhance their place in the world. Alan Porritt/AAP

Thanks for the confidence, Gough

“Where were you when Gough was sacked?” This of course refers to Remembrance Day, 11 November, 1975, when the elected prime minister Gough Whitlam was sacked by Governor-General Sir John Kerr in cahoots…
In the same week Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is to visit India, Indian PM Modi has visited Japan. Toru Hanai/EPA/AAP

Abbott in India: the Asian Century won’t be all about China

Despite recent slumps in economic growth (now at just over 5.4% compared to 10.3% in 2010), former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh this year handed the new Prime Minister Narendra Modi a much more…
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop hopes the New Colombo Plan can bring Australians closer to Asia. AAP

New Colombo Plan can change how we see Asia – if done right

The government has high hopes that the New Colombo Plan will lead to a more Asia-literate society and people-to-people links will improve our relations with Asian nations in the program. But for this to…
South Korea has surpassed Australia on many economic measures. KOREA.NET/Flickr

Can Australia win from FTAs in the Asian Century?

Australia and South Korea are entering a Free Trade Agreement (FTA), but before you think “advanced Western country gains access to a large Asian market”, think again. Economic powers have shifted seismically…
We should attempt to get cultural diversity right in our own backyard. Alam Singh

On being an ‘ethnic killjoy’ in the Asian Century

We are fortunate to have bipartisan political support for enhancing trade and cultural links with our region in the so-called Asian Century. But do we have similar consensus when dealing with those from…
Tony Abbott’s focus on Asia early in his term in office signifies that the so-called ‘Asian century’ - and Australia’s role in it - is far from over. EPA/Mast Irham

Abbott government may have new rhetoric, but it’s still the ‘Asian century’

It is barely a decade old, but some pundits are already declaring the end of the “Asian century”. The Abbott government appeared ready to bury it after the recent archiving of the Gillard government’s…
Australian companies have done little to expand overseas, preferring the lucrative home market. AAP/Damian Shaw

Successful Australian exports: where the bloody hell are they?

Australia’s major banking, retail and manufacturing brands are often regarded as less interested in the aggressive overseas expansion being pursued by market leaders in other countries. Some have tried…
Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei is in the spotlight again. jontintinjordan/Flickr

Australia’s biggest ‘China threat’ is not Huawei, but itself

In a move that has drawn criticism from Chinese authorities, the Abbott government is upholding a ban on Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei from tendering for the National Broadband Network, after…
ANZ chief Mike Smith was recruited to help ANZ succeed in Asia. Julian Smith/AAP

Australian banks in Asia a high stakes gamble

ANZ Bank has delivered another record profit, promising shareholders a bigger dividend than expected on the back of cash earnings of A$6.49 billion. But despite the bank’s continued Australian and international…
Going, going: the Abbott government appears to have ditched the centrepiece of the Gillard government’s foreign policy, the Australia in the Asian Century white paper. AAP/Paul Miller

Is this the end of the ‘Asian century’?

In case you missed the news, the “Asian century” is over. Or it is as far as the Abbott government is concerned. In its continuing revamp of the apparatus and output of government, the Coalition has officially…
Much has changed from the first Colombo plan, but Australia’s engagement with Asia should start at home. Asia image from

Colombo II: send students to Asia but don’t ignore the Asian students at home

Now it’s in government, the Coalition says one of its top priorities is international education. Along with policies to encourage international students to study here, Australian students, too, will be…
Both the Labor and Liberals see infrastructure as a crucial economic driver; but Chinese investment in this area has been politicised. AAP

Infrastructure prime minister must face Chinese elephant in room

Tony Abbott wants to be known as the infrastructure prime minister. He could be remembered for building roads and scrapping high-speed rail. But the role of Chinese finance and technical expertise in infrastructure…
For many Australians, the lure of the Valley is the feeling of being in a place that understands their risky business. Image sourced from

Beyond Silicon Valley: start-up hubs in Australia’s backyard

There were some raised eyebrows when the smiling faces of Atlassian founders Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes appeared at the top of Business Review Weekly’s annual young rich list. The business…
Kevin Rudd and Australia would do well to pay more attention to our northern neighbour. AAP Image

What Rudd can learn from Indonesia

If there is one thing we know from Kevin Rudd’s first period as Prime Minister it is that he was comfortable on the international stage. Although he inherited the date in his diary from Julia Gillard…
Australians who study in Asia will be best placed to tackle the challenges of the Asian Century.

An Asian Century education: why students need equal access to overseas study

The Asian Century has arrived and Australians with Asian study experience will be best placed to take advantage of it. But if we are to educate and prepare our graduates for the Asian Century and all the…
The imprisonment of journalists and human rights activists under the crime of ‘lese-majeste’ laws in Asia should be a cause for concern in the new Asian century. 710928003_Flickr

Crime and business: a cautionary tale in the Asian century

What is the role of the criminal law? In parts of modern day Asia, the criminal law has had another, more troubling, purpose in addition to convicting murders and rapists: protecting those in authority…
Heavy smog is descending on Beijing again, a week after record air pollution choked China’s capital and much of northern China. AAP/EPA/Adrian Bradshaw

Deadly air: the smog shrouding China’s future

Beijing has been smothered by a dense and dangerous smog this month, which has set new air pollution records over several days. The World Health Organization advises that the acceptable level of fine particles…
On the international stage, China is reluctant to cut emissions. Back home, its new emissions trading scheme will be the world’s second largest. Flickr/peregrinari

Carbon trading in the Asian Century: China’s ETS on track

In the United Nation’s annual climate change conference held in Doha last December, delegates from 194 countries came together at the last minute to extend the Kyoto Protocol. The Protocol is a legally…
The role of politicians and public servants are blurred in countries such as China, which announced its new leadership last week. EPA/Adrian Bradshaw

Looking to Asia to reform Australia’s public service

What will the Asian Century mean for public administration in Australia? This probably isn’t the first question that occurs to people pondering the implications of shifting economic and political power…
President Barack Obama addressing a large crowd at University of Wisconsin – could he or his competitor Mitt Romney change higher education in Australia? EPA/Tannen Maury

Why the US election matters for Australian higher education

US presidential elections generally have little direct impact on Australia. And broadly speaking, this campaign is shaping up to be no different. Despite their ideological differences, Barack Obama and…
Getting Hindi into schools will be a challenged, but it’s worth the effort. romana klee

Get ready to learn Hindi: education in the Asian century

The rapid rise of Asia means that Australia and the world find themselves in new strategic circumstances in this century. And that has immense implications for our young people. The Australia in the Asian…
Julia Gillard will meet with her Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh in New Delhi this week for talks, with uranium, education and regional strategy high on the agenda. EPA/Barbara Walton

Gillard’s Delhi challenge: win over India and get the PM down under

Julia Gillard arrived yesterday in New Delhi for a three-day official visit. She’s there to promote Australia’s rising interest in India and seek greater economic, political and strategic links with that…

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