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Al-Furqan Muslim school in Birmingham has been grant-maintained since 1998. David Jones/PA Archive

Faith schools are part of the answer, not the problem

It would take a “bold secretary of state” to argue for more faith schools in Britain, wrote Newsnight’s policy editor Chris Cook commenting on the so-called Trojan Horse storm about Islamist extremists…
Is religion a relic of the past? Saffron Blaze

British faith today: open to the spirit, closed to religion

All sorts of claims about religious decline are flying around at the moment, from George Carey’s comment that the Church of England is “one generation away from extinction” to Richard Dawkins’ comments…
Cardinal George Pell needs to sharpen his ideas if he’s going to take on science populist Richard Dawkins. Mark Coggins/AAP/Dean Lewins

Bloody Pell! Q&A stoush with Dawkins fails to bridge the gap between faith and science

Watching the Q&A “debate” between Richard Dawkins and Cardinal George Pell made me realise, for the first time, why Professor Dawkins has become so impatient and intolerant when expressing his atheism…
There are many different religions, but are there different types of atheism? EPA/Andy Rain

Mad, glad or sad: what type of atheist are you?

This weekend thousands of so-called “New Atheists” will converge on Melbourne for the second Global Atheist Convention. Last month Alain de Botton, a European popular philosopher, received copious coverage…

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