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Floods during warm periods of human history likely inspired the Noah’s Ark myth. Noah's ark image from

Climate and the rise and fall of civilizations: a lesson from the past

2015 will likely be a degree warmer than before people started pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The last time the world was this hot wasn't great for civilisation.
Climate change may have led to drought and famine-induced conflict in ancient Eastern Mediterranean civilisations, the study found. Verity Cridland

Climate change hastened ancient civilisations’ collapse: study

Climate change sparked the political and economic turmoil that hastened the collapse of formerly prosperous civilisations…
Across the West this year, civilization will fall, as one by one, Christmas dinners collapse into war by other means. Steve McFarland

This Christmas, remember – manners maketh the man

In a successful civilization every activity becomes a genuine education. All pursuits approach the dream of “motherhood”: citizens are gently and lovingly raised to be more noble, empathetic, playful…

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