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Can an algorithm explain itself? Robot decision via

Did artificial intelligence deny you credit?

A European Union law will require human-understandable explanations for algorithms' decisions. A team of researchers has found a way to provide that, even for complex calculations.
Many animals form life-long partnerships, but they’re not always about sex. Brett Sayer/Flickr

Not every partnership is about sex

Many animals, including humans, form long-term partnerships, but some are same-sex, suggesting they're not all about raising offspring but some other form of cooperation.
That’s one hell of a thatch - up to a tonne of weaver nest. sara_joachim

Biggest bird nests in the world are kept together by family ties

How can animals, from ants to people, form social groups with individuals working successfully together for a common good? So Charles Darwin asked in 1859, perceiving the existence of cooperative behaviour…

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