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A successful pregnancy if you have diabetes comes down to planning and making sure you have the right health-care team behind you. from

Diabetes and pregnancy can be a tricky (but achievable) mix: 6 things to think about if you want a baby and 1 if you don’t

Women with diabetes are at high risk of pregnancy complications. But there is a lot women can do to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

What we’ve learnt from building Africa’s biggest genome library

Africa is known to be where humans originated. This makes it the most genetically diverse region in the world. Diversity in other populations represents a subset of the diversity within Africa.
A man who has a prosthetic leg sits in a wheelchair. With better care, the need for amputations could be lessened. Katy Pack/

Diabetic foot wounds kill millions, but high-tech solutions and teamwork are making a difference

One of the worst consequences of diabetes is foot ulcers, which often lead to amputations. As Diabetes Awareness Month comes to an end, an expert explains the dangers and some promising solutions.
A study from the University of Alberta suggests that the beneficial effects of cheese might not be related to fat but to some other component, such as protein or calcium. (Shutterstock)

Why cheese may help control your blood sugar

A recent research study found that cheese reduced insulin resistance in prediabetic rat models.

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