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Dark side of the moon: does it hold some power over us? PA/Anthony Devlin

We shouldn’t dismiss the moon’s power to influence

As a teenager I observed a strange phenomenon. On awakening from an unusually vivid dream, I would often find that the moon was full. And as the silvery light prevailed on subsequent nights, my nocturnal…

Middle age is key to empathy

Women in their 50s are more empathetic than men and young adults, a new study has found. Overall adults in their late middle…

Fear makes things appear closer

Fear can alter our perception of distance, making the object of our fear appear closer than it is. Psychologists found that…
The downward-V shape between a villain’s eyebrows may be terrifying by design. Warner Brothers

V-shaped facial features are threatening? You must be joking

What do Cruella de Vil, The Joker and Maleficent have in common? Beyond an implacable desire for evil and their cartoonish existence, they have pointy chins and a marked V shape between their arching eyebrows…
Letting go of prolonged negative feelings is likely to improve happiness and well-being. Chapendra

Bitterness makes the heart grow sicker

Maxims like turn that frown upside down may annoy you when ill-timed but it seems they have some evidence-based science behind them. A growing body of research shows that your state of mind may have a…

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