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China should be a source of major opportunities for the Australian services sector, but these elude us. Image sourced from

Australia’s five pillar economy: services

In our final piece on the five pillars of the economy, we look at services. It's the great economic hope - but opportunities in the burgeoning Asian market elude us.
Joe Hockey, pictured arriving for the Liberal leadership spill in February, would not be delivering his second budget had Tony Abbott lost that vote. AAP/Mick Tsikas

Will Hockey really put ‘tough choices’ behind him for sake of survival?

In just a year, the Abbott government has gone from a radical nation-changing budget to promising a 'dull' one. Are we to believe the ideological zeal is gone, or has the survival instinct kicked in?
When Treasurer Joe Hockey presents the budget next week it will be worth reviewing the language he and Prime Minister Tony Abbott use about government spending. Lukas Coch/AAP

Busting the myth that Australia has ‘big government’

Despite the rhetoric that Australia needs to reign in government spending, we're actually out of step with other developed economies.
Social Services Minister Scott Morrison confirmed that the government has abandoned its 2014 budget plan to cut back the indexation of pensions. AAP/Lukas Coch

Government tightens pension assets test to save $2.4 billion

A crackdown on the pension assets test will save the budget A$2.4 billion over the forward estimates, the government says.
Australian food exports, like beef, are regarded by Chinese buyers as clean and safe. AAP Image/Dan Peled

Agriculture could be the next boom for Australia

Australia's emerging agriculture boom can last much longer than the mining boom -- but the industry needs policies that will encourage investment.
Australia can expect expansion in sectors such as tourism, the health and financial services sectors, banking and securities. AAP Image/Joel Carrett

As the mining boom wanes, Australia pivots to services

Mining, along with agriculture, will continue to be key parts of the Australian economy -- but new growth is expected in the services sector.
Manufacturing’s share of Australia’s gross domestic product has fallen from 12.9% in 1979 to 6.2%. Image sourced at

Australia’s ‘five pillar economy’ - manufacturing

There is a future for manufacturing in Australia - but we need to follow some international lessons to build a competitive knowledge-based economy.
Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey must ensure this year’s budget escapes the echo chamber. Lukas Coch/AAP

Three tests the 2015 federal budget must pass

Pro-reformists may view 2014 as a wasted year, but the lessons from the federal budget could make it a watershed one instead.
Bill Shorten faces some budget pressure too. His budget reply performance will be judged partly on whether he includes new substance. AAP/Paul Miller

Leaders shape up for debate over budget’s ‘fairness’, as Deloitte projects $45 billion 2015-16 deficit

Against the grim outlook of a continuing massive deficit, Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten are both seeking to frame the debate ahead of Treasurer Joe Hockey bringing down his second budget next week.
As economic growth in China moderates, so will its demand for Australia’s raw materials. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

Australia’s ‘five pillar economy’: mining

The mining boom is over and the industry is employing fewer workers -- but the outlook for mining in Australia seems generally good.

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