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Education is a central economic pillar, but of greater importance is its contribution to our society. Flickr/Bb Inthavong

Australia’s ‘five pillar economy’: education

Education is a central pillar of our economy. Not only does the education sector employ nearly 8% of Australian workers, it is our fourth largest export earner.
Struggling to separate your Future Funds from your forward estimates? AAP/Joel Carrett

A field guide to the 2015 Federal Budget

If you've ever felt bamboozled by the reams of information released in the federal budget, this simple how-to guide should help.
Rather than an unfortunate but unavoidable side effect of economic advance, increased inequality that results from rent-seeking is arguably cancerous. Flickr/Gary Sauer-Thompson

This budget - like others before - will favour the rent-seekers

Our policy-makers know perfectly well how to reduce inequality and tackle political favouritism. The question is, will this federal budget even try?
Agriculture remains a major employer in Australia but the challenges of competition, food security and climate change are on the horizon. AAP image/supplied by Graincorp

Australia’s ‘five strong pillar economy’: agriculture

As the Coalition government prepares its second budget, how is the "five pillar" economy promised by Tony Abbott faring?

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