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All eyes are on GCHQ as it justifies its spying activities. Campaign Against Arms Trade

Ministers exploit legal grey area to justify GCHQ spying

A debate is brewing after a report submitted to MPs suggested that GCHQ has been breaking the law by conducting mass surveillance on UK citizens. In the red corner sits public law barrister Jemima Stratford…
That’s one way to get around Facebook’s facial recognition. mw238

Privacy 2013: from Snowden to Facebook to Amazon’s drones

While every year since the advent of the internet has had its share of privacy stories, 2013 has been a cornucopia of news about surveillance and personal data. Undoubtedly, the biggest story of the year…
Huawei’s technology HQ in Shenzen. Brücke-Osteuropa

Keeping tabs on Huawei raises awkward questions for everyone

In its often fractious dealings with western governments, Chinese tech giant Huawei has been repeatedly accused of being a proxy for government espionage and other practices unbecoming of a global corporation…
Like butter wouldn’t melt: Francis Maude thinks we’re doing pretty well on cybersecurity. Cabinet Office

The UK government is working in a Snowden-free bubble

Anyone who took the time to read the UK government’s latest update on its cybersecurity strategy could be forgiven for thinking that a man called Edward Snowden never existed. Most people who are even…
Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger shows the UK’s legal system for what it really is. internaz

Alan Rusbridger evokes First Amendment to backward UK

Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger’s appearance at the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee this week has proved revelatory in more than one sense of the word. We have heard about the events surrounding…
‘Dodgy dossier’: the drums beating for war in 2003. Wikimedia Commons

Governments don’t always tell the truth on matters of security

Chris Blackhurst’s article in the Independent about the Guardian’s decision to publish material leaked by Edward Snowden has attracted widespread criticism. Blackhurst defended the Guardian’s right to…

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