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The FARC, now undergoing the tricky process of disarmament, was still armed and active just a few months ago. John Vizcaino/Reuters

Can Colombia actually put its peace plan into action?

Delays in setting up disarmament camps for former guerillas have cast doubt on the Colombian government's commitment to peace. But the real problem is its national history.
Workers walk past a Lonmin Marikana platinum mine, a site that represents industrial strife in South Africa. Reuters/Skyler Reid

How South Africa’s mining industry can change its ways

South Africa's mining industry is on an unsustainable trajectory and needs to undergo fundamental transformation that emphasises transparency, equity, and community participation.
A family of Programa Atitude beneficiaries in short-term housing provided by the programme. Lianne Milton/Panos for the Open Society Foundations

Why cities should stop arresting crack users and help them instead

Evidence increasingly shows the effectiveness of controversial efforts, like northeastern Brazil's Attitude Programme, to feed and house at-risk drug users.

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