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Addiction and cognitive dissonance: many smokers keep puffing even after a diagnosis of lung cancer. Flickr/drinksmachine.

Dead keen for a smoke: puffing on with lung and colorectal cancer

About one in seven people diagnosed with lung cancer report that they keep smoking, as do one in 11 colorectal cancer patients…
More than seven thousand Australians die each year of lung cancer but not all are smokers. Flickr/Social is better

Lung cancer patients deserve greater support, whether they smoke or not

Each year 40,000 Australians die from cancer-related illness – the number one cause being lung cancer. Surprised? You’re not alone. According to a recent Galaxy poll which asked asked Australians which…
Scientists have discovered new ways to regulate hormones that stimulate cancer growth. Now those insights could be used to control other hormones, such as oxytocin, the natural ‘love drug’ released after orgasm. Flickr/D. Sharon Pruitt

Lung cancer breakthrough yields new love hormone insights

Scientists have discovered a new way of controlling a hormone that stimulates cancer growth and, along the way, gained new…

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