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A new study shows the liver destroys the cells responsible for rejected organ transplants.

Wonder organ – how the liver finds and destroys immune cells

Most people only think about their liver when recovering from a big night of drinking when it’s busily producing enzymes to break down the alcohol. But this “factory” of the body is vital for survival…
Bringing research, education and health care delivery together will improve patient care.

Explainer: why Australia needs Advanced Health Research Centres

In an attempt to bring Australia’s medical research, education and healthcare sectors into line with world leaders, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is planning to develop a new…
While it may make you unpopular, cracking your knuckles won’t cause arthritis. Flickr/orijinal

Monday’s medical myth: cracking your knuckles causes arthritis

For some it’s a morning ritual – cracking your knuckles before beginning the day. For others, it’s a way to pass time while pondering a thought or reading something particularly interesting online. But…
These genes exert their influence through the immune system. Flickr/Natashacld

Revealed: 57 pieces of the MS puzzle

In one of the largest human genetic studies ever undertaken, scientists have identified the major common genetic variants that contribute to the cause of the devastating neurological disease, multiple…

Unusual gene variants linked to ADHD

New research has identified more genes related to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and shows an overlap between…
Patients achieve real outcomes with homeopathic therapy – we more research to work out why. Flickr/Missy the universe

Question homeopathy’s remedies but not its approach

It seems the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is likely to follow the lead of the UK and denounce homeopathy as an ineffective and unethical therapy that shouldn’t attract scarce government…
A legislative review committee has recommended scientists continue to be allowed to use stem cells in licensed research projects. Flickr/BW Jones

Scientists welcome move to uphold current stem cell laws

Human embryo stem cell research should be allowed to continue in accordance with existing rules, a legislative review committee…
Being able to measure growth hormone secretion in mice opens up a field of research into diseases.

Pinky and the Brain: a new role for mice in growth hormone research

The phrase “growth hormone” conjures up images of either the very tall or the very short. And yes, growth hormone is important for promoting linear growth but this hard-working hormone also controls many…

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