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Mandela was a key force in South Africa against AIDS denialism. SCHALK VAN ZUYDAM/AP

Mandela’s stance on HIV set him apart from his ANC successors

In the past few days since the passing of Nelson Mandela, the father of the South African nation, it has become apparent just how much Madiba meant not only to us, but to the rest of the world. He is a…
We salute you: UN Security Council stands in tribute to Nelson Mandela.

Peace and security in Africa: from summitry to solutions

The death last night of Nelson Mandela serves as a reminder of the enormous potential of African leaders to bring positive and lasting change to the continent. It is a reminder also of the obligations…
‘God bless Africa. May her glory be lifted high’. Chris Bacon/PA Wire

Mandela: spirit of Rolihlahla, the one who shook the tree

Nelson Mandela’s African name – Rolihlahla – means the one who shakes the tree, the one who unsettles the status quo. When I was a student living amid the political violence of Northern Ireland in the…
Mandela’s long walk to freedom - his release from prison in 1990. Greg English/AP

Mandela death: saying goodbye to a global icon

How do you say goodbye to a global icon? The answer must be: with dignity and by being true to the values that he fought for. By these standards, we all have done Nelson Mandela a disservice. The international…
Making history: Mandela addressing the United Nations in 1990, shortly after being released from prison. UN Photo/P Sudhakaran

Is there life for South African democracy after Mandela?

As the figurehead of South Africa’s struggle for freedom, Nelson Mandela inspired generations of political activists around the world. He is, quite possibly, the most revered politician in world history…
Former South African president Nelson Mandela has died, but it will take the nation he united - South Africa - some time to come to terms with his passing. EPA/Kim Ludbrook

Nelson Mandela dies: man who reinvented South Africa as a ‘rainbow nation’

Nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa, has died at the age of 95. The fears of South Africa, the nation that once was deeply divided in its perceptions of Mandela, have now been realised…

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