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It’s not always a bad thing to lie to your kids. from

Should I lie to my child about Santa?

Stories about Santa can help to develop imagination, so there’s nothing wrong with bringing a little joyful magic into your child’s life.
Potatoes for Christmas? Flickr/Lotte Grønkjær

Santa’s dilemma: to give, or not to give … potatoes!

I remember the Santa depicted in the movies being a kind man that spent the entire year making toys to give all the boys and girls. But the songs painted a slightly more cynical picture of a man who used…
How is it the intelligent human brain can believe a presumably wealthy fat man flies to every household in the world in one night delivering presents? Flickr/Carlos

What is magical thinking and do we grow out of it?

Kids are attracted to, and even excited by, the idea of magic. Why?

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