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Immediate tax deductions for small business are designed to boost investment and confidence. AAP.Julian Smith

Why the small business tax break could pay for itself

The small business package allowing firms to depreciate up to $20,000 of assets comes with a hefty upfront cost - but the government collects later.
Joe Hockey is betting this budget is inoffensive. Lukas Coch/AAP

INFOGRAPHIC: The budget winners and losers

Small business and families top the list of winners, while tax avoiders and rich retirees stand to lose.
African nations can look to Nigeria and Tanzania for recent examples of smart policies that boost the middle class. Flag map via

Africa’s destiny depends on building a vibrant middle class

Some countries in Africa have made great strides bolstering the middle class by supporting small businesses, but more needs to be done. 
With banks pulling back on lending to small business, the sector has had to look elsewhere for funding. Shutterstock

Small business feeling the lending crunch – and three ways to help

Since the global financial crisis, credit growth in Australia has returned. But while growth in home lending between 2008 and 2014 was relatively strong (0.49% per month), it was actually negative for…
The combination of social, mobile, cloud and data analytics is offering small firms new potential. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Flickr

Small business is missing the mobile, social, cloud revolution

Most companies that live and breathe the online revolution are not tech startups, but smart smaller firms that use online tools to run their core business better: to cut costs, reach customers and suppliers…
A lot of ideas about entrepreneurs are based on myth, according to new research. Flickr/Thomas Hawk

The ‘myth’ of the Australian entrepreneur

We are still awaiting the details of the Federal Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Program, and how this may impact the Australian entrepreneurial ecosystem. While this program is estimated to…
Proposed reforms to franchise rules are meant to make life easier for franchisees, but the changes are a missed opportunity. AAP/John Donegan

New franchising law no code for fairness

The government is moving to introduce a new Franchising Code of Conduct as part of wide ranging reforms to how franchising arrangements are regulated, claiming it will be fairer for small operators and…
The coalition’s industrial relations policy is likely to disappoint small business. AAP

Tony’s timid IR strategy – not much there for small business

Tony Abbott’s industrial relations strategy has received a less than rapturous response from both business and trade unions. The Business Council of Australia and the Australian Industry Group have criticised…
The rollout of the NBN provides small businesses with an opportunity to actively embrace e-commerce. AAP

Small business policy for 2013: what should be on the list?

Last Wednesday, Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced the start of what is set to be Australia’s longest election campaign. Set for the 14th of September, it will last approximately eight months. One…
According to Australia’s consumer watchdog, small businesses are particularly vulnerable to online scams. Flickr/Dan Hankins

Click here for bankruptcy! Scamming and small businesses

Who has not experienced the scam phone call from someone purporting to want to fix a problem with Windows on your PC, or help you recoup a large sum of money being held in a trust just waiting for you…
While the budget proved somewhat of an empty shell for corporate Australia, small businesses had reason for cheer. tiny banquet committee

A political shell game for small business?

The 2012 federal budget offers to return a modest surplus of $1.5 billion over the financial year 2012-2013, with the hope of further surplus budgets in the following years. In normal circumstances, this…
Julia Gillard’s announcement of a federal small business commissioner indicates a welcome interest in the sector, but its role is still undefined. AAP

Small business finally has a national profile, but will it have the power?

Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s decision to appoint a Federal Small Business Commissioner is a welcome move that signals an increasing interest in small business. But what exactly should a new commissioner…

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