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Podemos must reconsider who is above and who is below – who are the people and who are the people’s enemy. Podemos Uviéu/flickr

Podemos find itself caught between the battle lines of Spanish politics

Podemos positioned itself as leading a revolt by the people against the political system. Now, as Spain's third-largest party, it is part of that system and has some difficult decisions to make.
Here goes nothing. Reuters/Gustau Nacarino

Catalan election: a leap into the unknown

Catalonia's pro-independence parties now have the chance to assemble a parliamentary majority, but they'll have to overcome their own differences first.
Guess which way he’s voting. EPA/Toni Albir

Where next for Catalonia after its unofficial referendum?

Catalans have voted for independence in a referendum that holds no official sway but has enormous significance. Now Catalonia needs to decide where to turn next. The referendum, held on November 9, was…
Man of the moment, Pablo Iglesias. EPA/Zipi

Meet Podemos: the party revolutionising Spanish politics

A new political party has erupted onto the Spanish political scene and is now making major waves. Podemos – whose name translates as “we can” – has pulled ahead of the country’s two main political parties…
This is what democracy looks like: Republican demonstrators in Madrid. J. J. Guillen/EPA

Juan Carlos was no hero of Spanish democracy

When King Juan Carlos addressed the people of Spain on the day of his abdication, he spoke of his desire, nearly four decades earlier, to give Spanish citizens control of their destiny and to create “a…

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