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Distraught Seattle Seahawks fans after their team lost the Super Bowl. Jason Redmond/Reuters

Worst coaching call ever? Hindsight bias and the Super Bowl

“The worst call in Super Bowl history,” read a headline in my hometown Seattle Times after Seahawks’ head coach Pete Carroll seemingly threw the game away with his ill-fated decision to pass – rather than…
Budweiser hopes this little guy continues to win hearts. Budweiser

Puppy love? Super Bowl ads zero in on elusive millennials

Millennials, that evasive group born from 1982 to 2002, featuring characteristics and dispositions unlike any other age segment, are increasingly becoming the target of Super Bowl advertisers, as fans…
There’s science going on here, no test tubes or lab coats necessary. USA Today Sports / Reuters

Super Bowl athletes are scientists at work

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman gets called a lot of things. He calls himself the greatest cornerback in the NFL (and Seattle fans tend to agree). Sportswriters and some other players call…
Hurry up, the commercials are on soon. Elaine Thompson/AP

Forget Seahawks vs Broncos, ads are the Super Bowl stars

The XLVIII (that’s the 48th) contest has been held in New York and be fought out by the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos, with the Seahawks crushing the Broncos 43-8. Fox TV, which broadcast the…

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