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Perhaps finance minister Bill Shorten and the Labor party should shout a bit louder about superannuation. AAP Image/Lukas Coch

Compulsory super: it’s good, it works and we want more of it

Labor’s devastating Queensland election result has prompted much soul searching within the party and questions about its fundamental approach. Do voters even know what the Labor party stands for? Or is…
Bill Shorten has flagged that there will be significant structural reforms to the superannuation industry. AAP

Streamlining superannuation: not as simple as it seems

Financial Services Minister Bill Shorten has set up a Productivity Commission inquiry to define the criteria for selecting a default superannuation fund under “modern awards”. By October, commissioners…
Younger Australians are less likely to benefit from a rise in the compulsory super contribution. AAP

Lifting the super guarantee isn’t good for everybody

Of the many policy debates in Federal Parliament in 2011, one which gathered support from both major parties was the proposal to lift the superannuation guarantee employer contribution from 9% to 12…
Blindfolded investors: full financial disclosure is not required in superannuation. Flickr/Linzi Clark.

UniSuper benefit warning sparks demand for full disclosure

UniSuper’s admission that a superannuation scheme formerly guaranteed by employers, the universities, is underfunded has…
Changes to the MRRT will leave a gaping hole the revenue the tax originally promised. AAP

We’ve gained a mining tax, but lost a rare opportunity

Federal Labor’s mining profits tax was originally designed to be a redistributive measure from a very profitable section of capital to all of capital through company tax cuts. The mini-me Mineral Resources…
Australia’s retirees have been buffeted this week but remain unaware of how to manage the risks. AAP

Dazed, confused and uninformed: self-funded retirees bear the brunt

Two types of footage illustrated news reports of the financial market turmoil last week: the unlucky teams with frozen smiles ringing the start-of-trade bell at the New York Stock Exchange, and confused…

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