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Time will tell when it comes to finding longitude. Greenwich time, that is. Flickr: nicksarebi

The longitude problem: how we figured out where we are

Right now if you want to know where you are, your smartphone map will tell you instantly. But these technologies only exist…
Our understanding of how people’s minds perceive time is still rudimentary. numb3r

Tick, tock, where’s your brain’s clock?

Our perception of time is something we take for granted. It drags. It goes too fast. It’s always there in the background, ticking away. But the means by which we measure, interpret and remember the flow…
We’ve got the time, if you’ve got the theory. h.koppdelaney/Flickr

Explainer: the fifth dimension

By now we’re used to the idea that the world has four dimensions: three spatial and one temporal. But what if there were a fifth dimension – what would that dimension look like, and how would it relate…
Is our understanding of time a “stubbornly persistent illusion”? xenob/Flickr

Time is but a dream … or is it?

One thing most of us know about time is that there isn’t enough of the stuff, and that the problem is getting worse. “Too swiftly now the Hours take flight,” as the English poet Austin Dobson (1840-1921…

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