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Occupational hazards. Dmitry Kalinovsky via Shutterstock

Hard Evidence: are work-related deaths in decline?

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the regulatory agency with primary responsibility for enforcing health and safety law across British workplaces, has released its latest annual statistics. According…
Twelve months after the devastating factory collapse in Bangladesh, safety regulations are still not up to scratch. EPA/Abir Abdullah

One year on from Rana Plaza collapse, work still to be done

One year ago on the 24th of April 2013, the horrific Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh claimed at least 1,129 lives and galvanised industry and government into action. Worldwide condemnation for lax safety…
There are an average of 41 construction worker deaths per year, yet they are rarely reported in public. Flickr/yewenyi

How and why do construction plant-related fatalities occur?

The construction industry is a major part of the Australian economy. Construction sites are everywhere. Some of them are recognisable from kilometres away due to their impressive tower cranes. You may…

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