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Biofuel production could be bad for health, crops

Large-scale cultivation of biofuels in Europe could lead to increased human mortality and crop losses, because of substances emitted by the crops.

Many plant species grown for biofuel emit more isoprene, an ozone precursor, than the traditional crops they replace.

A modelling study found proposed biofuel policies could have adverse consequences that should be evaluated alongside carbon budgeting considerations before biofuel crop growth becomes more widespread.

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  1. Firozali A.Mulla


    The bio fuel is made up from what? " Many plant species grown for biofuel emit more isoprene, an ozone precursor, than the traditional crops they replace." I am not worried about the plants or the ozone layers as I am worried about the following The EAST AFRICA has many plants and the cultivation for the fuel was at time in full swing then all of a sudden the population realised they were cutting the cabbages , the cane , carrots, egg plants , vegetables that are the daily foods chopped off for the gas.NO way.Thy stooped this and now they eat well and to hell with the ozon when it comes we may not be alive attitude. I thank you Firozali A.Mulla DBA

  2. John Holmes

    Agronomist - semi retired consultant

    Bit of a problem with this article, hidden behind a pay wall for me, so seems a nonsense.

    However when one considers the way in which some grain sorghum's have been bred for high harvest index, one of the consequences was that there was less energy for N fixation by bacteria on the leaves. Plants with no adaption for such bacteria were selected against. Sure this was covered up by the use of added N as fertilizer.

    If these chemicals are so noxious, surely the plant breeders can reduce their production and this may actually increase the yields of the crop. Of course, why are they being produced in the first place, defense against other plants, insects, pests or diseases etc. One may need to add more inputs to grow the crop.

    Also echo comment from Firozali - why put such an abstract up for discussion if it tells us not sufficient to make meaningful comments?