Blueberries key to muscle recovery

Athletes who eat blueberries recover faster from exercise, a study has found.

The researchers used a novel method that compared one leg of a participant to the other leg.

In the first part of the study, participants were given blueberry smoothies before, during, and for two days after the exercise strength tests, and blood samples were taken to monitor the leg’s recovery.

Several weeks later, the exercise was repeated on the other leg, but a smoothie without blueberries, and therefore with a different polyphenol content, was consumed instead. Ten female participants were involved in the study.

The blood samples showed eating the blueberries, although possessing a similar total antioxidant content as the control, produced a higher level of antioxidant defence in the blood. This was associated with improved rate of recovery in the first 36 hours in one particular measure of muscle performance.

These findings could help athletes return to peak performance faster after strenuous exercise.

This is not a pill or supplement but a widely availble, natural fruit.

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