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Barclays’ manipulation of the LIBOR has raised questions about the Bank of England’s lack of regulatory oversight. AAP

Barclays scandal poses uncomfortable questions for Serious Fraud Office

The United Kingdom has had a remarkably poor track record in prosecuting serious economic fraud. In part, this can be traced to deficiencies in the toolkit available to the Serious Fraud Office, a fact…
Former Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond leaves the Treasury Select Committee after giving evidence in London. The LIBOR-fixing scandal is the latest in a long line of dubious and illegal schemes.

Durable change a long way off for scandal-ridden UK banking system

The role of Barclays bank in manipulating the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) continues to dominate international financial media. The bank has already attracted fines from regulators in the UK and…
A Diamond in the rough: Former Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond bore the brunt of public anger over the LIBOR scandal. But attention should be paid to behaviour of regulatory authorities. AAP

Gloom of the system: Barclays fallout highlights structural flaws in financial regulation

As the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, Paul Tucker, prepares to give evidence to the Treasury Select Committee, he will be mindful of the insult thrown at Bob Diamond, the recently crestfallen…
Barclays - Britain’s largest investment bank - has been fined after it was revealed that the bank had manipulated the London Interbank Offered Rate to boost its trade of credit derivatives and bolster its financial reputation. AAP

Barclays’ rate-rigging scandal exposes the rot in UK banking system

The sense of frustration and despair within the British government and regulatory agencies over the behaviour of Barclays in submitting patently false returns to the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR…

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