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Violence in El Salvador is not perpetuated by the gangs alone. Reuters/Jose Cabezas

How El Salvador became the murder capital of the world

El Salvador stands at the centre of the current refugee crisis in Central America. But gang violence is not the only reason why its people are fleeing their country.
One of the questions most discussed on Italian social media is whether the same thing would have happened to a male writer who had made the same choice for privacy. dawolf-/Flickr

‘Uncovering’ Elena Ferrante, and the importance of a woman’s voice

In her novels, in numerous articles and in correspondence, Elena Ferrante has chosen to depict the world from a female point of view. She has always claimed that the woman’s gaze is decisive.
A view of Tijuana from San Isidro, California. Americans’ negative opinion of Mexico doesn’t always reflect reality. Mike Blake/Reuters

Is that really how you see us? A Mexican response to US election season

The facts contradict Donald Trump's anti-Mexican rhetoric, but US mischaracterisation of its southern neighbor isn't new to this election season - nor will it end in November.
FARC members passing time, waiting for the peace negociations in a camp in Colombia. John Vizcaino/Reuters

From Peru to Colombia: the silenced voices of women fighters

Women's involvement in armed conflict in Peru and Colombia has a deep impact on societies. But peace processes and political aftermath rarely recognise their role.
Rouhani is caught between disappointed reformists and restless conservatives. Lucas Jackson/Reuters

In Iran, where have all the promises of moderation gone?

Once seen as a diplomatic victory, the nuclear deal of 2015 is now perceived as a failure by conservatives who reject President Rouhani's message of moderation as economic recovery remains elusive.

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