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A genome mapping project revealed that Tasmanian devils are genetically vulnerable to disease but found that a devil from the island’s north west was initally able to fight the deadly face tumour disease decimating the population. Flickr, Scott Savage

Genome map project uncovers first Tasmanian devil to fight off face tumour

A Tasmanian devil genome mapping project by U.S. researchers has revealed how a tiny gene pool helped spread a deadly facial…
Kim Scott’s tale of early settler relations has been applauded by the literary community. The Trust Company

Kim Scott leaves competition for dead in all-male Miles Franklin win

Western Australian author Kim Scott won the Miles Franklin Literary Award for the second time last night with his fifth novel, That Deadman Dance. Described by one judge as “post-reconciliation” fiction…
Australia needs to reassess where it stands on mental health. Flickr/knicolai

Rethinking our mental health laws

Even a cursory glance at Australia’s mental health system indicates shortcomings in the provision of a range of services to people with mental impairments. Since 1993, when the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity…
The funeral of Australian soldier Marcus Case, killed in Afghanistan in June. AAP

The unwinnable war in Afghanistan

In an interview conducted in Kabul on Monday June 6, perhaps not coincidentally the 67th anniversary of the Normandy D-Day landings, the top US military commander in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus…
Sea levels are expected to rise between 0.5m and 1m by 2100, potentially at great cost to coastal infrastructure. AAP

Fix climate by 2020 or face huge costs

Governments and communities must take urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions this decade or face enormous social…

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