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Does purchasing carbon credits from others really offset our impact on the environment? Ecopush/Flickr

Carbon offsets: saving emissions, but not saving the environment

Many Australian consumers and businesses are working on ways to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. For some, the carbon tax meets their needs: it’s designed to specifically motivate changes in behaviour…
Seagrasses store carbon more efficiently than rainforests, making them a crucial part of climate change mitigation.

Failure to protect seagrass may cost Australia $45b

Seagrass stores carbon 35 times faster than rainforests, preventing billions of tonnes of greenhouse gases escaping every…
What role will Australia play in a network of individual carbon markets? fdecomite

International carbon markets: what are the implications for Australia?

Anyone observing the climate change debate from Australia might think the world is moving away from carbon trading schemes. That would be understandable, but wrong. International carbon markets exist…
Under the carbon tax, Australia will be doing some of its emissions reductions overseas.

Trading emissions cuts: easy way out or sensible investment?

Australia is set to use international emissions trading to meet part of an emissions reduction target. Is this sensible and necessary? And how can we achieve investment in real reductions, rather than…
Locking carbon dioxide in soils and crops also stimulates emission of other greenhouse gases like methane and nitrous oxide, a study found, meaning the capacity of land ecosystems to slow climate warming may have been overestimated. Flickr/AndyCarvin

Land carbon offset capacity may have been overestimated

The ability of land ecosystems like crops and soils to slow down climate change may have been overestimated because some…
Planting trees on farmland can offset emissions, but does it add up? Fabio Strozzi/flickr

Trees or crops: will carbon farming be the end of agriculture?

Planting trees in cleared agricultural landscapes is one way for the land use sector to help offset emissions of atmospheric carbon dioxide. But will it displace agriculture? Establishing trees is a robust…
What is the potential for Australia to reduce emissions through carbon farming? Rod Keenan

Can carbon farming change the face of rural Australia?

The Final Report of the 2011 Garnaut Climate Change Review made a strong case for including land based reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and biosequestration activities in a carbon pricing scheme…
Should we really be relying on trees and soil to suck up our emissions? Flickr/Sascha Grant

Don’t bet it all on the carbon farming

Carbon farming - or biosequestration - seems to be the only climate change mitigation measure that both sides of politics can agree on. But its effectiveness may be sorely overstated. Biosequestration…
Offsetting air travel is as simple as ticking a box on a website. So why aren’t more of us doing it? AAP

Taking responsibility for your carbon footprint

With the political debate over climate change getting muddier, many people who used to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by buying carbon offsets are no longer doing so. The market for carbon offsets…

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