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Rupert Murdoch says News Corp has improved governance since the News of the World scandal that led to the arrest of former News International head Rebecca Brooks. AAP

Murdoch, Scott defend governance in media

News Corporation chairman Rupert Murdoch has survived a push by shareholders to have him removed as chairman, arguing the…
If she is unable to gain seats on the board, Gina Rinehart can still establish a control base by initiating a takeover of Fairfax and offering a premium to shareholders. AAP

Paying a premium could shore up Rinehart’s control of Fairfax

Fairfax Media Ltd’s constitution enables the board to allocate board places in addition to the existing directors up to the maximum number of directors allowed in the constitution - not more than 12 unless…
Amid the battlefield in the boardroom, Kerry Stokes won the power battle and gained control of the Seven Network. But will Gina Rinehart have the same sway over board members at Fairfax Media? AAP

Beware the boardroom blitz: can good corporate governance rescue Fairfax?

There is a lot going on in the media industry at present. It is not a surprise that newspapers (the paper kind) are struggling to survive in the age of the internet. It is more of a surprise, therefore…
Stuck in Botany Bay: Greenpeace activists celebrate the Danish government’s decision to halt Orica’s plans to ship toxic waste to Denmark. AAP

Beyond the bottom line: how to reward executives for sustainable practice

Are sustainability-dependent executive bonuses the answer to saving the planet? Research recently conducted by the Centre for Corporate Governance at the University of Technology, Sydney, examined whether…
A lack of questioning following a management or committee report would appear to be an important marker for boards. AAP

Why the simple act of asking is every director’s responsibility

Boards of directors are, under most legal regimes, the ultimate decision-making body in corporations. Yet, as researchers, we know surprisingly little about what they do and how they operate. With a handful…
Despite Cameron’s half-hearted efforts, democratisation of listed UK corporations is unlikely. AAP

‘Empowering’ shareholders won’t revolutionise corporate culture

Executive remuneration is out of control in the United Kingdom. The final report by the High Pay Commission concluded that “there is rarely a link between directors’ incentives and the way a company performs…
Blindfolded investors: full financial disclosure is not required in superannuation. Flickr/Linzi Clark.

UniSuper benefit warning sparks demand for full disclosure

UniSuper’s admission that a superannuation scheme formerly guaranteed by employers, the universities, is underfunded has…
The Centro case shows there are significant differences between the liability and penalty stages of a trial. AAP

Did Centro’s directors really get off lightly?

The Federal Court ruling in the Centro Properties Group case in June has been viewed by many as significantly raising the legal bar in relation to Australian company directors’ duty of care. Yet the penalties…
News Corp’s decision to move from Australia to the US may have now put it in the firing line.

Heat may spread to News Corp’s home

News Corporation’s 2004 decision to domicile in the US state of Delaware has up to now been highly favourable to the Murdochs. But News Corp may ultimately come to regret its decision as the unfolding…

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