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Victorian premier Denis Napthine may need to expedite reform to the state’s anti-corruption practices if a recent ombudsman’s report is any guide. AAP/Joe Castro

Footy, coffee and corruption: the Victorian disease

To steal a line, there’s something rotten in the state of Victoria. It has a serious problem with corruption, and may find itself ill-equipped to fight it. This might come as a surprise to Victorians…
Victoria Police arrest a Hells Angels member. Links between bikies and police have come under intense scrutiny after a series of leaks from inside the police. AAP/Julian Smith

Police corruption: we should focus on the ranks, not the rats

A police officer meets someone in a bar, one thing leads to another and within a few weeks a relationship blossoms. The officer then discovers that the person’s brother is a known criminal. Or an officer…
Mark Dreyfus has put forward a new bill to protect whistlerblowers, but it falls short in several areas. AAP/Alan Porritt

Keeping us honest: protecting whistleblowers

Australia has been fortunate enough to see mostly honest governments. We’ve experienced neither the corruption of 1950s Italy nor the tyranny of 1970s Brazil. We are not, however, without our issues: give…
Former Victorian detective Paul Dale arrives at the Supreme Court on the first day of his trial in Melbourne, Febr. Julian Smith/AAP

Paul Dale, Carl Williams and our trust in police

A Victorian Supreme Court jury is currently hearing a case involving former drug squad detective, Paul Dale, who has pleaded not guilty to twelve counts of giving false evidence to the Australian Crime…
Hotel Cunnamulla – where Terry Lewis’ rise began. AAP/James Shrimpton

The man who would be commissioner: Bjelke-Petersen’s crooked pick

For his new book Three Crooked Kings, author and journalist Matthew Condon had unprecedented access to the jailed Queensland Police Commissioner Terry Lewis who speaks for the first time about the events…
There has been a media frenzy around allegations against Moses Obeid (centre) and his family at ICAC. But he’s not alone. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Keeping up with the Obeids: the media and corruption claims in Australia

When the Obeid family took the stand at the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) yesterday, the Australian media took more notice than it previously had. This is perhaps not…
The Catholic Church’s cover-ups have all the markings of a corrupt organisation. AAP/April Fonti

Royal Commission must treat the church like a corrupt police force

The Catholic Church has constructed a white curtain behind which networks of corruption have been allowed to deepen. Professor Patrick Parkinson, a senior lawyer who formally supported the Church’s “Towards…
Bo Xilai may be the most “lurid” example of corruption in China, but he is not alone. AAP/Dennis M. Sabangan

Loud thunder, little rain: China’s new leaders target corruption

China’s new leaders are aware of the danger that corruption poses to the nation’s social stability and economic development. But entrenched corruption at the local and national levels, including among…
Degrees of dirt: the state and organised crime are not separate entities as we like to believe. Flickr/PropagandaTimes

Challenge 12: Look within for transnational criminals

In part 12 of our multi-disciplinary Millennium Project series, Jacqui Baker argues that the ugly truth of organised crime is that governments and their agencies are a fundamental part of it. Global challenge…
Now jailed former assistant director of the New South Wales Crime Commission Mark Standen is a key example of how corruption operates in Australia. AAP Image/Tracey Nearmy

Corrupting influences: does Australia need a National Integrity Commissioner?

The Australian Greens have proposed the introduction of a National Integrity Commission to provide an anti-corruption body operating at the federal level. Earlier this week, Greens MP Adam Bandt announced…
Workers building a stadium in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. Questions linger about the process that saw Qatar granted the 2018 event. AAP/Fernando Bizerra Jr

Moneyball: why sporting organisations need to start playing by the rules

Rangers Football Club, the historically Protestant half of Glasgow’s “Old Firm” (the other half being the Catholic Celtic) has entered financial administration to prevent UK tax authorities installing…

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